Tenho o orgulho de ser representado por uma agência com sede em Londres chamada Illustopia. A agência faz a ponte entre o ilustrador e o cliente, atuando em vários países da Europa e em várias línguas. Segue o texto de apresentação:

We represent a range of carefully selected world quality illustrators of all genres and styles for your advertising, publishing and editorial needs. Talk to Ines to discuss.

The majority of illustrators come from countries where high standard of illustration is a long tradition including Slovak and Czech Republic, Brazil and Spain. We felt that these great artists are often hugely underrepresented on international markets despite doing extraordinary work, so we decided to work for them.

You find the illustrators for yourself or we can help you to match someone with your project. We provide Art Direction to ensure the highest artwork quality, which is an added value to the illustration agency. We are involved in the process creatively, brainstorm ideas collectively and push boundaries.

The execution however is absolutely individual, unique to the artist’s personality and we allow our artists and clients to have enough creative freedom and independence. ILLUSTOPIA is a personal brand. We are here to help, inspire the team and make ideas happen.